UV-1130 is a liquid UV absorber of the hydroxyphenylbenzotriazole
class specifically developed for coatings. The product is miscible with all common solvents
but also easily incorporated into water borne systems. The high temperature and extraction
resistance of UV-1130 makes it especially suitable for industrial and automotive
coatings. Because of its broad UV absorption, UV-1130 also provides efficient
protection to light sensitive substrates such as wood and plastics.


UV-1130 may be used in combination with a light stabilizer of the sterically
hindered amine calss such as Hals-144, Hals-292 or Hals-123. These synergistic combinations impart superior coating protection against gloss reduction, cracking, blistering,delamination and color change. The light stabilizers may be added in two coat automotive finishes to the clear coat and to the base coat. However, acoording to our experience, the optimum protection is achieved by adding the light stabilizer to the topcoat.

The dispersion of UV-1130 in water borne systems may be eased by dilution with awater miscible solvent such as butylcarbitol.

The amount of UV-1130 required for optimum performance should be determined in trials covering a concentration range.