Hydroxyl-Modified Vinyl Chloride/Vinyl Acetate Copolymers MVOH

Grade MVOH:It is white powder,ketone soluble with colorless,transparent solution and it has with excellent adhesion on paper,polysulfone resin,acrylic resin,PVC,ABS,PCand the surface of ink.It has good compatibility with other film-forming material,such as alkyd resins,polyurethane elastomers,isocyanate resin, melamine resin,urea formaldehyde,epoxy polymers etc.So it is often used with other film-forming material in order to improve the coating performance,and enhance paint adhesion,flexibility, tenacity,hardness and chemical resistance.Because of the hydroxyl functional group,it can also be used for improving the characteristics including alkyd,two-component polyurethane,and two-component epoxy coatings.

MVOH Vinyl Resin Quality standard (XHQB-10)

 No.  Item Index Test method 
 1 Appearance White powder  By visual 
 2 Whiteness ≥80  GB2913-82 
 3 Composition % by Wt  Vinyl Chloride 81±1% GB/T7139-2002 
Vinyl Acetate 4±1%  ISO1159-1978 
Hydroxyalkyl Acrylate 15±1% 
 4 Reactive Functionality (Hydroxyl %) 1.9-2.1% 
 5 Hydroxyl Value 66 ISO2554-1974 
 6 K Value 39-41 GB/T 3401-2007 
 7 Viscosity No. ml/g 38-42 GB/T 3401-2007 
 8 Glass Transition Temp ℃  About 69 GB11998-89 
 9 Average Molecular Wt  About 15000  Calculated by the Viscosity No. 
 10 % by wt, through 60 mesh 100% GB/T6003.1 
 11 Apparent density (g/ml) ≥0.5 GB20022-2005 
 12 Volatilization (%)  ≤1%  GB/T2914-1999 
 13 Impurity Particle No. /100g ≤20  GB9348-88 
 14 20% resin in EA or MEK Colorless and Transparent  By visual 


MVOH grade can be used for a wide range of coatings applications for maintenance, marine and metal finishes,marine anti-corrosion paint, cans paint, wood and plastic finishes, paper and leather coatings, PET inks, adhesive for magnetic tape and carbon ribbon.

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